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January 7, 2016



Our creativity, skills and experience ensure a full spectrum perspective on your project, sharing a common vision and values.
We possess a passion for building and a devotion to our clients.


Innovation in Addition

Building someone’s residence requires careful attention to detail. Dutra Construction has developed best practices for maintaining high-quality standards for each dwelling. Our process ensures our finishes meet our client’s expectations and needs.


Dutra Construction has earned a reputation for delivering award-winning interior spaces built to suit our clients’ unique needs. With decades of experience, our portfolio is virtually unmatched in both size and complexity.

We structure our services to assist our clients in all aspects of the decision-making process — from selecting the right finishes, to accommodating  sustainable features, to planning in order to deliver first-in-class facilities that promote their mission and enhance their business.

Building The World Around Us

Dutra Construction’s diverse portfolio and specialized divisions and subsidiaries ensure that each job is matched with appropriate resources and expertise. Through technical skill, preconstruction know-how, and self-performance capability, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives, and deliver award-winning projects.

Additions as an investment

We are fully insured and bonded, licensed general contractors. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve either thought about or already made some home improvements. For some, this was part of the plan all along. For others, the idea of home improvements came up as a way to increase the value of their home upon resale.

Whatever your desire for home improvements, there is a common misconception that you’ll get most or all of your investment back when it comes time to sell. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and you’re more likely to get only some of that money back at resale. That being said, there are still some home improvements that retain value better than others so if you prioritize your projects you can get the most for your money.

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